Where are you when you look back at the sea of people?
the bustling city feeling the daily flow of people.
Are you really living a good life?
Do you feel the loneliness of being in a foreign country every day?
Are you still worried about a job that you love?
Come and make a genuine job offer
You can feel the power of talent here
Feel the greatness of this profession.
Professionalism, efficiency and integrity are the common denominator of our group
We have an absolutely competitive salary in the same industry.
Five-year insurance, supplementary business insurance, festive benefits and more
All kinds of paid holidays ...... and nothing less!
No bureaucratic dogmatism, no hierarchy here.

We are still a little bit away from 100% perfection
Because we're still missing you!
With you, together we make the future pop ahead of time!
It's our greatest pleasure to be here with you!
Maybe you don't know exactly what we do
I'll give you a few keywords

Medical devices, X-ray, design, R&D, production, sales
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Position: Treasurer
Associate College Location of work:Haining

Position: After Sales Engineer